Sensible Separation


"Divorce can be like a journey. The first thing to do is make sure you're headed in the right direction."

Alternative Processes to a Traditional Divorce

       Many families do not realize that they have choices about the divorce process. The process you and your spouse select may profoundly influence your satisfaction with the outcome. With traditional representation, both parties have their own attorney and the attorney seeks the best possible result for his client. An advocacy based process tends to pit the interests of one spouse against the other. Even though most cases settle, trial is still a real possibility and the attorney must prepare accordingly. For the system to work, the clients and the lawyers must cooperate, otherwise the judge will decide the case. Litigation is expensive and hard on all family members. It is for this reason, that most judges recommend or even require mediation. Nonetheless, litigation may be the only option for some families.


        The best results typically come when the interests of all family members are taken into consideration. With mediation, family members meet with the mediator in his office and not in a courtroom, to cooperatively work together to form sensible agreements. Although an attorney mediator does not represent either party, he is there to help both spouses to understand the issues and the available options. An attorney mediator can prepare all of the necessary documents for the family or the family have their own attorneys complete this task. Either of the spouses may also seek the assistance of their own attorney, if they so desire, at any point prior to submitting the negotiated agreements to the court for final approval. For the overwhelming majority of families, mediation will save time, money, and reduce the stress and aggravation of an already difficult situation.​​